Private Sector Development

Private Sector Development2018-09-24T13:16:21+00:00

This approach seeks to build markets in services that improve the performance of individual enterprises. Making markets work for private sector aims to understand the challenges and opportunities within the market including regulatory and cost of doing business.  Our aim includes establishing sectoral studies and development trends.

Taran offers specialized consultancy services to the Small and Medium Enterprise. Globally, Over 90% of companies are SMEs and 67% of jobs are being created by the SMEs. Sound and better management of SMEs are vital for economic growth of any country.  However, SMEs have not been the focus of not only the governments in fragile and developing world but also not for the international development partners. Taran Consulting truly believes that SMEs are critical and backbone to the under developed and developing economies and places itself into the market to provide research based advisory to the existing and emerging SMEs and Governments in the region particularly in Somalia where there is or little literature available for the promotion of the SMEs.  Among other areas our services include,

  1. SME Industry Changing Innovations;
  2. Financial Management and compliance to the reporting standards;
  3. Accounting and Audit Services;
  4. Feasibility Studies and Market Research;
  5. Access to finance;
  6. Trade barrier; and
  7. Regulatory framework.

Conflicts present unique challenges and opportunities for private sector development. On other hand, conflicts disrupt the regular functioning of the market and existing infrastructure.  Taran develops wide range of sector development studies including. Fishery, Livestock, Financial industry, and Energy sectors.