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Taran Research & Consulting Ltd. is a mission-driven leader in research, evaluation and program implementation in the fields of Research, Governance, Legal and Policy development and Private Sector Development. Having developed its rigorous approach to solving complex challenges, the company is regularly ranked as one of the top in research and Consulting firms in the regions. The company has multiple offices Somalia.  In all what we do, it is the people and unique philosophy of Taran Research & Consulting Ltd that truly set us apart from other management consulting firms.

We bring together a diverse team from various professions of management science. Our team pair’s local market knowledge with Taran’s global expertise to help Public and Private sector in successfully tackle their greatest challenges they face.


Providing decision-makers with the best available knowledge to make strategically proactive decisions in the framework of native wisdom that positively impact the future of indigenous peoples through capacity building, advocacy, and  research.


Pioneering excellency by adopting multidisciplinary approach, agile and innovative improvement solutions  delivered at best quality on time

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